Sunday, September 20, 2009

Google Voice Newest Free Internet Marketing Tool

There is so much internet marketing potential in the new Google Voice phone system that I have created a new blog just to discuss this specific product.  Please visit the new blog and learn everything there is to know about Google Voice Internet Marketing.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Internet Marketing For Local Business Produces Traffic to Your Company

Are you a local business providing products or services to local consumers and/or other local businesses?  Are you confused about how to gain and maintain excellent positioning for your website on Google Searches for important keywords?  Are you uncertain about how to wisely spend limited advertising dollars to be listed on local search engines like Google Local Business Center (Maps), Yelp, CitySearch, and

Up until now businesses with less than 25 employees had no way to afford the services of outside professional marketing consultants to help with decisions about Internet Marketing.  The minimum cost of a monthly retainer for marketing consulting is $2000 or more, and that is before expenses to create the ads and pay for placement.  But now, everything has changed.  The internet has created one more cost benefit for small businesses.  It is now possible for a marketing consultant to provide robust and strategic advertising for a business with only one employee at a cost less than what would have been paid for Yellow Pages just a few years ago.

Page1Listings would like to provide you with a introductory offer that will show you the possibilities.
Comprehensive marketing analysis of your company, including your expectations, goals, and dreams.        Value  at least $1000
Competitive analysis to determine best practices by other business in your industry, both  locally and nationally.  Value at least $500                         
Industry analysis and research to determine current marketing approaches by others in your business.   Value at least $500                               
Keyword analysis to determine how to maximize Search Engine visibility, and therefore maximize traffic to your site.    Value at least $250                                    
Search Engine Optimization of your existing Website up to 5 pages, including changes to text, meta tags, and layout.  Value at least $500                                      
Upload optimized listing on three Local Search Engine Listing Resources used by other Local Search Engines for source material and confirmation.       Value at least $100                                                      Optimized listing on Google Local Business Center and MerchantCircle      Value at least $250       Optimized listings on 10 additional local search engines including Yelp, YellowPages, local.Yahoo and seven others   Value at least $200                                                                        

Total value for the entire effort    $3800                                             
Your cost for all of the above is  Only   $895  Not Per Month.  A One Time Charge

It seems to good to be true, and it might seem more believable if we charged more.  But if you believe you can get a professional marketing company to do the above for less than $3800, we suggest you use them.  We have created streamlined methods for providing these services, specifically designed for small businesses with local clients.  We, of course, hope to capture your business and your recommendation to your business associates.  We expect to "make it up in the volume."

If this makes sense to you, Pick up the phone right now and call (310) 988-2548.  Talk to Randy Kirk about how we will guarantee visibility for your company on PAGE 1 of Google Search.  And the entire process only takes a week to get results.

P.S.  We will be happy to provide examples & testimonials.